Pay by phone Instructions

Pay By Phone Instructions

PLEASE...  only use our phone line for paying by phone - see additional phone use note below!  

When calling leave information listed below on our voicemail. Calls may not all be taken personally when you call. If you get our answering system leave it on our voicemail. Calls will be returned if Credit Card is declined or their is another issue in processing the card, otherwise we will not need to call you back.  You will See Beckwith Associates on your Billing Records! 

We will process your order within a few hours, if during regular business hours. Weekends it will be processed within 24 hours! 

CALL  1-207-809-2505  (dial all numbers even if in Maine!)

1- Say the card type (Visa or Mastercard etc.)

2- Say The name on the card     

3- Say Clearly the Credit Card Number 

4- Say the Expiration date (Month/Year)

5-  3 digit code number on the back of your card.

6- SAY YOUR Phone Number (Area Code - and Number)

7-Say Your Zipcode 


IMPORTANT ......   After you HANG UP ...

You will need to Use this form "Pay By Phone FORM" to submit your Swapping Information remember to use the name used on Your Credit Card when sending this form, so we can put the correct information with your payment!.  

Additional Phone Use information: Our phone voice-mail is monitored and messages about any site issues will be returned at our earliest convenience to help with your issue by phone! Our technical staffing is limited and we will address your issue in the order it is received. During high peak site usage expect delays in our ability to respond, leave alternate phone numbers such as cell phone so we can reach you when we attempt to call you back.

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